To gain a Florida Real Estate License you are required to take either a

  1. 63 Hour Classroom course, and pass final examination
  2. 63 Hour On-Line course, and pass final examination

After attending and passing the 63 hour course, you are eligible to apply for the State Of Florida examination.  You must achieve 75 correct answers out of 100 questions to pass the State examination.

​You are required to be fingerprinted.  Call 877- 238- 8232 to schedule your appointment. You must have an appointment for fingerprinting.  Fingerprinting costs are generally in the $50 range.  You will need the Originating Agency Identifier or OAI Number…FL920010Z  (at the time you get fingerprinted they will ask for this number).

​You will need to submit an application with the State of Florida.  Click  HERE  to apply on-line.  The application fee is $ 83.75.   It can take as many as 4 to 6 weeks for approval, however its usually less time. There is a State information pamphlet available.  Click  HERE  for the State Information Pamphlet.   And click  HERE  for a printable State application. After you are finger printed, a background check is done and the findings are given to the State of Florida, where the background is attached to your application.

After approval of your application, Pearson Vue (Florida testing center) will email you with permission to take the State examination.

To be eligible for a Florida Real Estate License:

  1. ​Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)
  3. Have a Social Security Number
  4. Receive approval of State application
  5. Complete and pass approved 63 hour course
  6. Pass State examination
  7. You do not need to be a Florida resident
  8. You do not need to be a U. S. citizen

To check your application status with the State of Florida, click   HERE.

A Note From Ken:

Some folks get their prints and apply with the state before enrolling in the class, however​ many just take the class to become more familiar with the real estate community before committing. 

This course is crammed with essential information to increase your knowledge about the housing market and becoming a professional, enjoying a great income, while working for yourself.

The real estate market is gaining strength, and Florida’s population growth is staggering. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for personal growth and future success!

Real estate is fun, you are your own boss, you can make money and change your life for the better.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next class!!  Ken Jones

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