Pre Licensing

Sales Associate

63 hour Pre License course- Weekdays or Weekends
$45 Now
Balance due by Day 1-$254

Course Description Below

Sales Associates Cram

2 day Course

$45 Now
Balance due by Day 1-$54

Course Description Below


72 Hour Pre License Course

$45 Now
Balance due by Day 1-$454

Course Description Below

Broker Cram

3 day Course

$45 Now
Balance due by Day 1-$104

Course Description Below

Post Licensing

45 Hour Post License Course
$45 Now
Balance due by Day 1-$154

Course Description Below

Pre Licensing Course Descriptions

Pre License Sales Associate 63 Hour

Course Outline
    • The Real Estate Business
    • License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
    • License Law and Commission Rules
    • Authorized Relationships, Duties, and Disclosure
    • Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures
    • Violations of License Law, Penalties, and Procedures
    • Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate
    • Property Rights: Estates and Tenancies, Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Time Sharing
    • Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Real Estate Contracts
    • Residential Mortgages
    • Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing
    • Computations and Closing of Transactions
    • The Real Estate Market and Analysis
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Real Estate Investments and Business Opportunity Brokerage
    • Taxes Affecting Real Estate
    • Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Hazard
    • Practice End-Of-Course Exam
    • 3 Hour Timed Exam
    • 100 Questions Multiple Choice
    • Score of 70% or Better to Pass

Pre License Broker Class 72 Hour

Course Outline
  • Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Opening A Real Estate Office
  • Owning, Managing, and Supervising a Real Estate Office
  • Escrow Management
  • Office Inspections and the Disciplinary Process
  • Overview of Real Estate Valuation
  • Sales Comparative, Cost Depreciation, and Income Approach
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Basic Business Appraisal
  • Brokerage Relationships
  • Contracts
  • Financing Real Estate
  • Closing Real Estate Transactions
  • Federal Income Tax Laws Affecting Real Estate
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Zoning and Planning, Subdividing of Land, and Special Issues
  • Environmental Concerns Affecting Real Estate Transactions
  • Property Management

Pre License Sales Associate Cram Course

The Real Estate Sales Associate State Exam Prep course includes Course Outline
  • License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
  • License Law and Administration
  • Brokerage Relationships and Ethics
  • Real Estate Brokerage Options
  • Complaints, Violations, and Penalties
  • Federal and State Housing Laws
  • Property Rights: Estates, Tenancies, and Multiple Ownership Interests
  • Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Planning and Zoning
  • The Real Estate Business
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Real Estate Finance
  • The Mortgage Market
  • Estimating Real Property Value
  • Product Knowledge
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunity Brokerage
  • Taxes Affecting Real Estate
  • The Real Estate Market
  • Computations and Title Closings
  • Practice State Exams

Pre License Broker Cram Course

Course Outline
  • Escrow Management
  • Valuating Real Property
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Proration
  • Closing Disclosures Questions

Post Licensing Course Description

Course Includes
  • State approved course and final exam
  • Textbook – Post-Licensing for Real Estate Sales Associates
  • Supplemental Study Materials
  • Completion slip issued after course completed
  • Personalized diploma suitable for framing
  • Electronic submission of completion to the state
Course Outline
  • Legal Issues and Risk Management
  • Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Business Planning and Time Management
  • Prospecting for Listings
  • Pricing the Property to Sell
  • Making the Listing Presentation
  • Listing Contracts
  • Working with Buyers
  • Sales and Option Contracts
  • Writing and Presenting the Offer
  • Exploring Mortgage Alternatives
  • Acquiring Financing for the Property
  • Closing Real Estate Transactions
  • Analyzing and Managing Investment Property
  • 3 Hour Timed Exam 100 Question Multiple Choice Score of 75% or Better Required to Pass
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